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Finian Fallon MA MIACP, PsychotherapistThank you for visiting The Aceso (pronounced ah-see-so) Institute website.

My name is Dr Finian Fallon and I'm the Practice Manager here at the Institute. I trained as a Psychotherapist in Ireland and have a Doctorate in Psychotherapy.

We provide counselling and psychotherapy at our comfortable and private offices here in 33 Kildare Street, Dublin 2.

We believe that psychotherapy is a superb way of addressing issues that arise in life.

My philosophy of psychotherapy is that not to tell you what to do but to help you unravel what has happened in your life and decide what you want from here on. I believe that knowing what you want is what brings about real change. It doesn't mean that you abandon those around you and go and find yourself (though sometimes it may!) but it does involve asking what you want first and then deciding what to do about it in your particular situation. Getting to that point often involves talking about the past for a while (many people have not been truly heard in their lives) and deciding what action you want to take in the future.

Many people will experience some kind of distress during their lives. A trained mind-health professional is an excellent resource for helping us to respond to the challenges that life will always present to us. It's healthy to seek assistance.

Research suggests that Psychotherapy is an effective way to help us reduce our distress. Some research also points to the possibility that Psychotherapy can be at least as effective as medication, if not more so. While medication can provide important support for chronic distress the "talking cure" can be very effective for those who are experiencing normal levels of difficulty along life's path.

Call me now on 0876666425 to arrange an appointment with me or one of my Psychotherapist colleagues. We look forward to meeting and working with you, hopefully soon.

The Aceso Institute, with Finian Fallon. Counselling and Psychotherapy in Dublin 2. Please see our companion site for more details.
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